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Photography tour Milan, Italy

Photography tours of Milan, weekend photography classes and workshops around the city of Milan, Italy. Street photography individual one – o one workshop. Portrait and engagement photography sessions..

Business, tourist, vacation photography services.

photography tour in Milan

photography tour in Milan

This page si born to propose photographic-related tour of Milan for businessmen, tourist, couples and every genre of people interested in taking photography walks around the town, exploring the hidden fascinating corners of the city or having private professional Portrait or engagement session taken.

It is always been a fascinating and funny experience…the day, or weekend can be arranged in different way, but exploration of the city with all his typical, historic, fashion and modern area in a photography-related way is the key of the day.

Different solutions may include:

  • Singles, couple, small groups
  • photography walks around Milan, exploring the historical center, covering a wide selection of the most typical areas of the city, stopping for lunch or dinner in some enchanting areas, we will take photos together in a free way
  • weekend workshops with a meeting in our studio and the second day of shooting, deeply focused in the photography art
  • A city tour in the most interesting areas for a Personal Portrait session for professional or private use. We can start, for example, in the center of Milan (Duomo Area) and then walk around in the most  interesting places, following the best available light situations. You can have some examples of this service looking at portraits blog posts in this website..

Milan has many things to offer, from the historical center area, with all his streets full of history and mood, to the fashion areas, the Naviglio Area, parks and many more thing…if you are a good walker it will be a really funny experience. If you are traveling to Italy for business, or just for fun as a tourist, or visiting the city we are a team of professional photographers with our studios in the heart of Milan, so dedicated and in love with the photography world.

We collaborate with different international agencies and we are focused on personal style and personal expression…and then again, we love exchange with people all over the world.

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